My name is Lina.
I fell in love with fashion at the age of 15. My mother took me to my first Anthropologie store and I was in awe. My style has two speeds- either dressed to the nines or grungy hippie chic. If its tailored like a pencil skirt from Mad Men, I’m in and if it looks like something Kurt Cobain wore in Seattle, I’m in as well. That’s the beauty of fashion, you can wear anything you like and make it your own. My mother also introduced me to J.Crew and Urban Outfitters. I have never been to the Hamptons, but after a shopping spree at J.Crew, I feel like I’m ready to hop on the Jitney and slay at the beach. My mother continues to inspire me and I will always remember all our shopping adventures forever.

Now a little about me, I love yelping and trying new places to eat. Definitely a foodie for sure and I love taking pictures of food. ( Yes, I’m that girl) I work part time and attend nursing school. In my downtime I like to catch up on my favorite TV shows and favorite apps. Some of my favorites are: Etsy, Zillow, Sephora, Instagram and Pinterest. I love trying new makeup looks with outfits because it can turn any fashion piece editorial or street chic.

xoxo Lina