Decor: Recipe Tin

Most people have family recipes handed to them from generations. Unfortunately I don’t have any family recipes that I can replicate. I love cooking and baking and find great recipes online. I do add my twist on them to make them my own and cater to my dietary needs. For example, I’m lactose intolerant, borderline allergic, so I always alter recipes to accommodate my needs. I used to have recipes written on random papers and sticky notes, so I knew it was time to upgrade and invest in a recipe tin.

I used to think Recipe Tins were a bit old school and reminded me of an item grandparents always had, but now they make so many modern cute ones. I chose this one from Rifle Paper Co because it came with a lot of recipe cards and dividers inside. Its metal and fits easily anywhere. (I have it out for decor because the print is adorable) If you love cooking and want to be a bit more organized, I would invest in this piece because its going to last you a long time and who knows you might even create your next family generation recipes.

Herb Garden Recipe Tin



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