Food: New York

New York definitely has tons of foods they are known for. Usually people think of pizza, hot dogs and Shake Shack (East Coast version of In n Out). The food I tried didn’t disappoint and I reviewed the restaurants more in detail on my yelp page.

My Yelp Reviews

My Top 3 Places to Try

Ippudo Ramen

Fat Witch Bakery

Joanne Trattoria


It was really cold when I visited New York. (40 degrees during the day) By night the temperature would drop lower and nothing sounded better then hot soup. I haven’t tried Ramen before, just Pho, and this place had really good reviews. I was surprised how filling the soup was and the service was great. They also offered a specially made craft beer that tastes good with the soup.


Sarabeth’s has a lot of locations in the city, but I ate at the one across Central Park. It was okay, a little overpriced for what it was. If your from Southern California, it reminded me of Mimi’s Cafe.


I wanted to try Magnolia Bakery because of the show, Sex in the City. The cupcakes were okay but I wouldn’t go back to eat them again. The frosting was a tad hard and the cake part was meh. The espresso was from Zibetto, and was the best ever. The decor inside was beautiful with all marble detail.


Lady Gaga has a restaurant on the Upper West Side called Joanne Trattoria. I love Italian food and was excited to try it. I made reservations one night and it was really cozy inside. The meatballs were huge and the bruschetta had cheese on top which was interesting. They offered sparkling water as well complimentary.



One day I got sick because my California self couldn’t keep up with the cold weather. I had a fever and the beginning of a cold. I stayed in the hotel and ordered delivery from the Melt Shop. I found them on Yelp and was craving a grilled cheese with tomato soup. I felt like a little New Yorker for the day ordering delivery and staying in.


One Girl Cookies was a cute little bakery in the Dumbo area of Brooklyn. It was really windy and I came inside to get some coffee and warm up. I’m not sure what I ordered for the coffee but it was so tiny. The whoopie pie and mini cookies were delicious.


The first place I noticed everywhere was The Halal Guys cart stand. The original was across my hotel and it smelled so good every time I walked by. It was reasonably priced, cash only and really fast.



Cull & Pistol was a little seafood place inside the Chelsea Market. It was raining and clam chowder and fish & chips sounded so yummy. Fish & Chips were really fresh as well.


I was so hungry I forgot to take pics of the actual food. I was really excited to try Shake Shack because I heard great things and the burger was really good but a little on the small side. The fries were crinkly which I’m not a fan of but it was fun trying it. In n Out is still better in my opinion.


The best cupcake place hands down has to be Empire Cake in Chelsea. It was raining and I needed to find a place to add money to my subway card. I stumbled upon here and ordered a Pumpkin Cupcake with Buttercream Frosting. (Drooling) The cake portion was very moist and flavorful and the buttercream was perfect. I don’t like really sugary or fondant frosting , so this one was amazing. I also ordered some Blue Bottle Coffee that they offered. It was the perfect rainy day treat.


Prince Pizza in Little Italy was pretty good. Still on the hunt for the best pizza spot though.


Best Brownie Ever. Its located inside the Chelsea Market. You can even buy them online, which is convenient because I live on the west coast and need my brownie fix sometimes.

img_4144Woops! in Bryant Park was really tasty. I haven’t tried really soft macrons before, just the hard cased ones. They had a different texture then most bakeries have.

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