Food: New Orleans

New Orleans has great food and over 1700 restaurants. It was hard for me to find places just based on yelp, because every place looked delicious. I went out of my comfort zone and tried dishes like alligator and shrimp in grits. A lot of dishes had a spicy kick at the end as well. They sure love their cajun seasoning and BBQ sauce. The best ribs of my life were from Legacy Kitchen in the Arts District. They literally fell off the bone and the kale-slaw was the perfect healthy pairing with the baked potato. (My mouth is watering just thinking about it)

I wanted to see if Cafe Du Monde was all worth the hype, and it was. I tried a couple beignets from different places and I loved that theirs didn’t have so much dough. It was the perfect amount of sweet. The coffee is different as well and has a chicory flavor. No need for Starbucks and I didn’t see that many as well. I plan on trying new restaurants the next time I visit because I could only eat so much the time I was there. (For more details, check out my Yelp)

Here are links to my Top 3 restaurants to try

Cafe Du Monde

Legacy Kitchen

Cochon Restaurant








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