Travel: New Orleans

During Thanksgiving holiday I visited New Orleans for the first time ever. It certainly lived up to my expectations. The weather was perfect, even though it was projected to be 70% humidity. (I’m from LA and humidity is pretty much nonexistent) I packed mainly cotton clothing since that material works best and is great for layering. (Tip: You will do a lot of walking, so make sure to bring comfortable shoes)

New Orleans also is known for great food and history. Getting around was easy because they have good public transportation like the streetcars  (trolleys) and uber. It was definitely an experience riding the streetcar around town and walking around the historic cemeteries. Frenchman street is known for live music and I even saw bands playing in the street with people dancing. Deep South people are very warm and welcoming and it was nice interacting with locals about what to eat and visit.

Its definitely a photographers dream as well because I had so many different backgrounds to use to take outfit of the days. I probably looked like a weirdo because I keep taking pics of walls, but they were awesome. Overall, I would definitely go back and visit again.

Some of the links to places I visited and an awesome historic boat tour.

Longue Vue House and Gardens

Historical River Cruise

Lafayette Cemetery

National WW2 Museum











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